Experienced Guides, Trained Gun Dogs, Most Equipment, and Breakfast in the Blind when possible.

*Lodging at additional cost

*Bird Cleaning Provided at $3 / Bird


Nearby Airport:

Boise Airport in Boise, Idaho


  • Idaho Hunting License
  • Migratory Bird Permit
  • Federal Duck Stamp (required to be signed)
  • Licenses can be purchased at idfg.idaho.gov


  • Hunting Licenses
  • Shotgun
  • Shells
  • Warm Clothes
  • Waders
  • Waterproof mud boots
  • Snacks 
  • Hand Warmers
  • Blind Bag and Contents


Most of us would be lost without our blind bags. All things important can and should be sealed within. They are a great item to organize and store gear for each hunt. All guides have them, so should you.

*Our guide’s top recommendation is a 3-inch shell with a number 2 shot. Why? More pellets, solid pattern, they’re not prone to jamming and they are way easier on the shoulder. They also work well for ducks and geese. But a 3-inch shell with BB shot can be a good alternative for late-season geese, especially giant Canada’s. 3 ½ inch shells are culprits of jamming guns and inconsistent patterns. Keep it simple, take your time, pick a bird, lead your bird, and make the shot count.


  • Idaho weather can vary from negative temps to 65 degrees during waterfowl seasons. Winds above 20 mph are common. Be prepared for a wide spectrum of weather conditions with plenty of layers.
  • Camo hat and face mask.
  • Waterproof/Windproof camo outerwear (pants/bibs and jacket shell).
  • An insulating vest or light jacket under layer. Primaloft or down works exceptionally well.
  • Moisture-wicking base layers. Short and long sleeves.
  • Warm, comfortable rubber boots (Muck and LaCrosse are great choices).
  • Warm gloves or shooting gloves.
  • House Shoes (no boots inside the lodge)


Daily Bag: 7 Ducks, 5 Geese (Canada Geese, Cackling Geese), and 20 Snow Geese

* Not more than 2 female Mallard hens

Possession: 21 Ducks, 15 Geese, 60 Snow Geese

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