Jack Parrish

Hi, I’m Jack, the founder and guide of Sailor Creek Outfitters. I’m here to help establish memories that will last a lifetime and to make sure that I keep my clients on enormous spins with the utmost safety. I have hunted waterfowl since I couldn’t even have a gun in my hand. With that amount of time in anything it makes you acquire traits and intelligence that ordinary people do not have. I am here to share my extreme passion for waterfowl hunting with others and getting them hooked like l am.


I’ve been hunting waterfowl since I could walk. I love taking new guys out and shooting there first ducks and geese. Been an Idaho resident for all of my life and never would want to go anywhere else. I have been into photography for about 3 years now and love capturing the moments of excitement and thrill.

Riley Wiedmeier

I’m determined and talented I strive for a successful hunt each and every time! Waterfowl hunting is my passion and has been since I was 8 years old, rain or shine I am out chasing the birds. I have had countless successful and most importantly safe bird hunts! I would love to share a once in a lifetime hunt with great clients.

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